Building Adolescents To Successful Empowerment

Keith Gibbs is a native of New York City, the South Bronx to be exact. He graduated from William Howard Taft high school in the Bronx and there after enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

Gibbs’ first tour of duty was Okinawa, Japan where he spent 18 months learning the military supply system. Upon leaving Okinawa he toured many locations around the globe. In the early 80’s Gibbs requested to become a Drill Instructor. This was a very rewarding and challenging duty assignment. Training 90 men on a quarterly basis and being responsible for their total being was a tremendous task to be accomplished. Gibbs also spent several years as a Marine Corps Recruiter. Enlisting men and women from all walks of life, and from different levels of education, he was the number one recruiter for Los Angeles County in 1987.

After spending 13 years in the Marine Corps, Gibbs made a bold move and enlisted in the United States Army. There he continued to apply his expertise as a top level medical recruiter. His job was to work his way into the hospitals and employ nurses and doctors into the Army/Nurse Corps. Gibbs also had the pleasure of attending the Master Fitness Training course in Helena Montana where the air was thin and the mountains high. With over 22 years of dedicated and faithful service to his country, Gibbs retired from military service with 18 different MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) on June 30, 2000.

As a civilian, Gibbs took on the task of completing his college degree while maintaining a full time job. Successful balancing the demands of his work, his family and night school was not easy by any means. But the determination and hard work paid off and Gibbs graduated with a Baccalaureate Degree in “Computer Information Technology”. Gibbs went on to work for a number of top organizations including Lockheed Martin Information Technology Group, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Deloitte.

While his career in Information Technology was professionally rewarding, Gibbs realized his true passion was to work with individuals to improve themselves and their communities. It is this passion that led Gibbs to form Sarges Community Base, Inc. a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) ( Sarges Community Base is dedicated to training the youths in under-serve communities.

Gibbs, his family and a small but extremely dedicated team of staff and volunteers manage the two entities and their programs. While the day-to-day challenges are never easy, Gibbs “passion for fitness, a lust for life” sets the tone for everything. He sees himself bringing life back into a body that has been dormant far too long. Gibbs says an “engine is driven by its power, determination is moved by its passion, and fitness is the key”.